DRGo Plus

Simple. Fast. Anywhere

Hand Portable Cordless Digital Radiography System

Goes anywhere you require instant digital X-ray

Use with an existing X-ray source

Already have X-ray but need to give it a new lease of life? Want to take advantage of the many benefits of direct digital radiography (DR)? By simply adding the hand portable battery-powered DRGo image capture components is all you need. Transform your X-ray equipment into a state of the art system in just 2 minutes.

Use as a complete Standalone X-ray system

Add the portable battery-powered X-ray generator together with a support stand to the digital image capture components and you have a complete X-ray system only requiring mains power for battery charging.

Benefit from the latest & lightest DR Detectors

This latest generation Canon flat panel detector continues an enviable trend with Canon's huge imaging R&D resource ensuring that their new series wireless detectors are feature-packed & well ahead of the pack. The superb Canon CXDI-710C Wireless has a 35x43 cm imaging area and incorporates Canon's legendary LANMIT amorphous silicon core with high sensitivity caesium iodide scintillator for minimum patient X-ray dose. Automatic exposure detection and standalone mode allow the CXDI-710C Wireless to be used not only with DRGo but with most medical X-ray equipment without the need for any physical connection and even free from a control PC. To reduce user strain ultralight but super-strong composite materials have been used in their construction. The optional CXDI-810C Wireless (27x35 cm) and CXDI-410C Wireless (43x42 cm) can also be specified.

The essential features that you need to

provide a radiographic service on the go

Hand portability of components adds versatility. Fits into a small estate or hatchback vehicle

Portable Battery X-ray

An X-ray generator in a carry case; what's more it can be used without mains electrical power

Integrated DR System

Exactly the same advanced digital management features of our larger mobiles and static X-ray systems

Fits in a modest-sized vehicle

Pack all portable X-ray & digital image capture components into a mid-sized car

Digital radiography system features that you'll really benefit from

Lightweight hand-portable components
Every part of the system is hand portable enabling it to be managed entirely by a single person
Battery Powered
Freedom from the mains electrical supply, which is only required for battery charging
Onboard Image Memory
Take up to 99 images with a single detector in standalone mode - leave the PC behind
Onboard Image Memory
Take up to 99 images with a single detector in standalone mode - leave the PC behind
Wireless Freedom
Connect wirelessly to a PC or dock in the Docking Station to view images & archive across a network
Latest Wireless Portable DR Detectors
Choose from 3 ultralight AED-type detectors (35x43 cm, 27x35 cm and 43x42 cm sizes)

Routes to Ownership

As well as direct purchase, DRGo is available via most Framework Agreement Contracts including NHS Supply Chain (UK), NHS Health Scotland and HSE (Ireland). In addition, finance can be arranged through a specialist medical finance third party and for those looking for a temporary radiography solution, DRGo rental is available. For more information on rental possibilities please click here.

DRGo Product Downloads

You can download the DRGo product brochure and other related documents here:

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