Auto-tracking Ceiling-mounted Direct Digital Radiography System

The ideal compact solution where auto-positioning is not required

Can even be installed in rooms with low and non-loadbearing ceilings

A modern and compact solution, ideal for a medium throughput imaging department

Intuition - a rugged and compact general / trauma radiography system having many of the advanced features of its stablemate the Precision but excluding fully motorised Auto-positioning. The system is extremely light and easy to move and benefits from powered vertical tube support movements. The Wall Stand can also be specified with powered vertical movements.
Low ceiling, no load-bearing capacity - no problem

Intuition is unusual in today's digital radiography systems in that it can be successfully installed in rooms with a ceiling height as low as 2500 mm. What's more, if you don't wish to incur the cost of a load-bearing ceiling, perhaps because the installation is a temporary one, or a load-bearing ceiling is either cost-prohibitive or not technically feasible, then the 'Installation Cube' for Intuition is the perfect self-supporting solution, allowing the benefits of a ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support where it would otherwise have not been possible.
Benefit from the latest, lightest & most advanced Canon DR detectors

Choose your ideal configuration from Canon's latest and most advanced DR detector range. There are 3 sizes to choose from in any combination. Up to 4 DR detectors can be configured at any one time with one system and up to 10 detectors registered. Detectors can be freely shared between systems whether for static, mobile or portable radiography. When used with the Precision, the two larger detector sizes can be charged in the 'bucky' trays (option) as well as in the detector docking station or using the battery charger.
'One Shot' Long Length Imaging

One Shot long length uses a dedicated vertical detector holder that can accept up to 3 Canon wireless portable DR detectors. A single exposure is all that is required which makes One Shot' ideal for children as there is less likelihood of patient movement. Detectors are not forever tied to the detector holder but can be freely removed and used for all other types of general radiography. The One Shot detector holder is mobile and can be freely shared between Xograph digital radiography rooms.

Information and control wherever you are working

Intuition presents the examination data you need and allows exposure
adjustment both at the control console and at the patient side

Touchscreen Main User Control Console
controls patient, examination, all imaging functions,
displays images and enables image management
Touchscreen Info, Exposure & Image Display
provides patient & examination info., system positioning info., allows exposure adjustment & image display
Reference Document Display
enables a user to refresh e.g. on latest local protocols or system operation; any PDF document can be uploaded

Features that you asked us for
Benefits that you and your patients will appreciate

Intuition is a feature-packed digital radiography system. Take a look at just some of the highlights here
Automatic Wall Stand Detector Tracking
maintains alignment when adjusting tube height
Source Detector Distance Tracking
maintains SDD when adjusting table height
Latest Wireless Portable DR Detectors
choose from 3 ultralight AED-type detectors
In Bucky Detector Charging
Forget charging with this convenient option
Child Friendly
Plenty of dose reduction features for little ones
Integrated Dose Recording
DAP & Exposure Index displayed & sent to PACS

Full 'Turn Key' Project Management Capability

Let us manage your new X-ray room refurbishment project from order intake to readiness to image the first patient. We will remove your old equipment, bring the room up to latest regulatory standards, replace the operator protective screen, replace the floor covering and replace the ceiling if required, renew lighting schemes and decorate prior to installing your new Intuition digital radiography system, making the room look sparkling and as new - a great environment to work in.

Benefit from Xograph Remote Service

In addition to our physical service presence at your site, Xograph also offers a secure remote service option direct to your Intuition digital radiography system enabling system log file interrogation, software updates and more. This in turn allows system issue diagnosis in certain cases and this information can be passed to an Xograph field service technician who will arrive on site with the appropriate recommended replacement parts (service available where local IT access policies permit).

Routes to Ownership

As well as direct purchase, Precision is available via most Framework Agreement Contracts including NHS Supply Chain (UK), NHS Health Scotland and HSE (Ireland). In addition, finance can be arranged through a specialist medical finance third party and for those looking for a temporary radiography solution, rental of a mobile digital X-ray unit may be possible. For more information on rental possibilities please click here.

Intuition Product Downloads

You can download the Intuition product brochure and other related documents here:

Canon Detector Range Brochure
Canon Scatter Correction Brochure

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