ProMax 3D Classic

The Original & Well-proven ProMax 3D

Small to medium-sized CBCT fields of view with option for cephalostat

CBCT System for 3D fields of view up to 110 x 80 mm

The Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic is a genuine all-in-one CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) unit. One intelligent X-ray unit can meet virtually all your
80x80 mm dentition imaging needs and has an extended view mode to increase the field of view size to 110x80 mm. ProMax® 3D Classic supports a multitude of diagnostic requirements including 3D model scanning, panoramic & cephalometric imaging, as well as true extraoral bitewings. and a braces imaging protocol

ProMax 3D Classic key features

For Smaller Fields of View

Selectable volume size depending upon region of interest, from 50x50 mm up to 110x80 mm

Open Patient Positioning

Face-to-face positioning for a non-claustrophobic experience with clear communication

Cephalostat Option

Choice of scanning-type or one-shot rapid exposure cephalostats; ceph image tracing software option

and all of these beneficial features are included as well...


Planmeca's iterative movement correction algorithm, eliminates movement artefacts

ProTouch User-interface

Control all imaging protocols as well as CBCT volume size & position with a fingertip

Integrated Dose Recording

The ProMax 3D includes calculated Dose Area Product (DAP), sent to PACS with images

Robotic Motorised Movements

SCARA robotic arm programming for stress-free, fast & efficient imaging

Child Friendly

Dose reduction features such as selectable FoV size & image segmenting for little ones

Imaging Software Included

Powerful Romexis 2D, 3D & 4D imaging software with optional add-on speciality modules

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