Ziehm Vision R 31cm

Powerful mobile C-arm with rotating anode and 31 cm image intensifier
Excellent image quality for demanding applications

More Power for Demanding Applications

Rotating Anode X-ray Tube with powerful 20 kW X-ray generator 
Ziehm advanced active liquid cooling for extended performance

An all round performer for vascular & endoscopic imaging

The Ziehm Vision R is a compact and well specified mobile C-arm with a multitude of imaging and dose saving tools as you would expect from the world's leading dedicated mobile C-arm manufacturer. As an option, ceiling-mounted monitors can be attached to an existing ceiling support arm or one supplied with the Ziehm Vision R, giving you additional viewing options while saving space in the operating room. You are also free to combine these options in various configuration options as preferred.
Rotating Anode X-ray Tube. Active Liquid Cooling. The POWER to take on anything

Equipped with a rotating anode X-ray tube and, crucially for long and complex procedures, Ziehm's unique active liquid cooling, the Ziehm Vision R is equipped with a 20 kW X-ray generator, providing you with the confidence to take on the most challenging procedures with all the power you need but without overheating concerns.

Ziehm Vision R 31cm; best for...

The Ziehm Vision R with 31cm image intensifier is ideal for demanding applications that do not require a larger field of view. Having a 23 cm imaging intensifier, the Ziehm Vision R would be ideal for, but not limited to, the following applications:
· Vascular and Interventional procedures
· Endoscopic procedures
· Spine Imaging (2D)
Cine record and replay ('loop') is included as standard and Ziehm's advanced and workflow-optimised 'SmartVascular' software package can also be specified.

Great Features. Real Clinical Benefits

In line with Ziehm Imaging's company philosophy, only features that
bring real clinical benefits for users, clinicians & patients are included.

The Ziehm Vision R is feature packed.

Ziehm Advanced Active Cooling

Unlimited fluoroscopy time for lengthy procedures.10 million Heat units capacity. No overheating. No delays.

Compact & Manoeuvrable Design

With a small mobile C-arm footprint, the Ziehm Vision R is a perfect fit for the modern operating room

Extended Orbital Rotation

Easily achieve those positions normally
out of reach of a traditional C-arm

Touchscreen with Reference Image

Follow the action even when the main display monitors are facing away; smartphone-like control

Colour-coded Movement Brakes

For clear unambiguous communication; easy & fast to learn; not only coloured brake levers but also scales

Fine Image Quality

1k x 1k image quality with Ziehm ODDC and image processing know-how ensure finely detailed images

More Great Features. Even More Clinical Benefits

Wireless Freedom

Connect to PACS, external monitors & a foot-switch all wirelessly

Integrated Dose Meter

Display & record dose, send dose report to PACS / a Dose Server; DICOM RDSR conformant

Integrated Laser Targeting

Bright intensifier-side crosshair for radiation-free positioning. Option for a 2nd from the generator

Digital Cine

Record & replay ('loop') dynamic studies with video-like controls at up to 8, 12.5 or 25 frames/s

Very SmartVascular

Ziehm SmartVascular optimises workflow & offers tools & image quality similar to fixed systems

Child Friendly SmartDose

Pulsed fluoroscopy, Ziehm ODDC, paediatric mode, virtual collimator, Ziehm PreMag, removable grid option
A Ziehm Mobile C-arm Grows with Your Needs

With a Ziehm mobile C-arm, system expandability is always available to you simply by adding either a software or hardware option such as a Ziehm Remote Vision Centre remote control (1). This duplicated touchscreen user-interface can be positioning on the side of a procedural table, on a mobile cart or even in an operator area and synchronises with the Vision Centre on the Ziehm Vision R mobile C-arm and on the Ziehm Vision R monitor cart, Ziehm are also the first mobile C-arm company to bring wireless monitors (2) to the operating theatre environment. Providing the convenience of additional imaging displays that can be ceiling- or wall-mounted, the high speed transmission gives real time replication of the images displayed on the Ziehm Mobile C-arm. The ceiling monitor support (3) is available as an option with any Ziehm mobile C-arm.
Network Connectivity

Ziehm C-arms can be specified with all the necessary tools to ensure that they are the most connected mobile C-arms available. Connectivity options include:
· DICOM 3.0 conformance
· HIS/RIS/PACS connectivity (cabled)
· HIS/RIS/PACS connectivity (wireless)
· DAP meter dose data to RIS/PACS
· Dose Server connectivity
· Remote intraoperative audiovisual consultation / presentation in real time (''Z-Conference'')
Sterility, Hygiene and Infection Control

Most hospital disinfectant wipes can be used on Ziehm mobile C-arms and each unit is supplied with a starter pack of bespoke Ziehm sterile covers that are tailored to each model and cover the image intensifier assembly, the X-ray generator assembly, the C-arm assembly and the foot-switch. Manufactured from a clear material, laser targeting devices are still effective and viewable. These covers maintain sterility during operating procedures and also reduce the possibility of contamination of the mobile C-arm with body fluids and thereby aid infection control and reduce the cleaning burden. Individual covers are also available just for the flat panel detector and for the optional remote Solo Centre touchscreen user-interface. Additional packs of cover sets are readily available to order when required.
First Class Service: Physical and Remote

As well as first class Xograph service support being available to our mobile C-arm users, Ziehm Imaging also now offer a secure remote service option* direct to you mobile C-arm allowing system log file interrogation, software updates and more. This in turn allows system issue diagnosis in certain cases and this information can be passed to an Xograph field service technician who will arrive on site with the appropriate recommended replacement parts where applicable.*Subject to local IT access policies.
Fit for the Future

As well as a number of valuable hardware add-ons the Ziehm Vision R’s Vision Centre touchscreen user-interface has an open, modular software architecture ensuring maximum versatility. This interface can be easily upgraded and expanded with additional software modules without the need for hardware changes. The USB port not only allows export in a number of image formats including DICOM, but also allows fast update and upgrade. Latest Ziehm integrated secure and professional cyber-security satisfies the demands of the most vigilant IT departments.
Routes to Ownership

As well as direct purchase, Ziehm mobile C-arms are available via most Framework Agreement Contracts including NHS Supply Chain (UK), NHS Health Scotland and HSE (Ireland). In addition, finance can be arranged through a specialist medical finance third party and for those looking for a temporary solution, rental of a Ziehm C-arm may be possible. For more information on rental possibilities please click here.
Ziehm Vision R Product Downloads

You can download the Ziehm Vision R product brochure and other related documents here:

Ziehm Vision R / RFD Product Brochure
Ziehm SmartDose Flyer
Ziehm SmartEye Flyer
Ziehm Wireless Freedom Brochure
Ziehm Sterile Drapes Flyer

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